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When you or a member of the family has special needs, trying to find the right services and resources in your community can be time consuming and frustrating. Here are a few helpful hints on some local services for educational and behavioral services in Gainesville:

Schools in our area that provide more individualized learning:

  1. Trilogy – Private 1st – 12th (
  2. Littlewood – public PK- 5th (
  3. Sidney Lanier – exclusively special needs – Public PK- 12th (
  4. Chiles – Public PK – 5th (

Online teaching

  1. Connections Academy is free K-12 online public school teaching, and contracts with Florida Virtual. They provide home schooling on a temporary or long term basis

  1. International Connections Academy is the same but private and costs money

Behavioral modification

Behavioral services are broken down into services for the young and older, and then the low and high functioning, and the low functioning older kids and young adult populations are where our community faces the biggest deficits in services.

Here are some local behavioral services:

  1. FAC (Florida Autism Center) – children must be under the age of 13 and have a diagnosis of Autism
  2. BARC (Behavioral Analysis Research Clinic) – works with all ages and diagnoses including severe and intensive behavioral challenges, and is a feeding clinic
  3. BLS (Behavioral Learning Systems) no autism diagnosis needed, no brick and mortar, therapists go out into the community to provide services
  4. BASS (Behavioral Analysis Support Services) no autism diagnosis needed, all ages, brick and mortar clinic and community outreach

To search for an individual behavior analyst you can go to to check credentials

Stay healthy and Informed, Dr. Patricia Hess – Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist